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We provide a robust and reputable service focused around risk, whether it’s regulatory, operational or reputational. Focusing on a proactive, forward thinking and intellectual approach to provide service which is diverse and ranging across multiple touch points within a financial organization, we quickly assess and scale problems both internal and market driven allowing key management within the client organisation to make decisions fast and in an informed manner no matter the size of the company or the size of the underlying risks.



Global financial regulations are a key area of concern for major financial institutions. Our research shows that very few organisations have the in-house expertise to be compliant with the demands of today’s major financial markets regulations. Our investment banking, management and financial markets training course aims to address this by providing specific implementation guidance with respect to the key financial services regulations such as; FATCA, EMIR, DFA, RDR, CDC, Basel III, LEI and more.  



Have a look at our Islamic Banking & Insurance markets training program with extensive bespoke elements to cater for the dynamic needs to progressive organisations interested in skilling up and adapting to an evolving global financial market.



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